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We will transform your ideas into reality with effective tools for web development, web design, SEO promotion and digital marketing.

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How it all began

Web Developers, Web Designers, and Internet Marketers (SEO | PPC | SMM)

Over 5 years ago, each of our department heads was successfully making headway in their career as a certified professional, working as a freelancer or in various agencies and IT companies. In 2020, we decided to team up and established the IT outsourcing company Zefirity.

We managed to transfer clients, with an average period of collaboration of over 3 years, from a state of temporary cooperation on the basis of “customer – independent contractor”, to working with us on a full-time basis as a company.

We are proud of our customers’ successes and it is very rewarding for us to know that we have given 110% in helping them to become even better.


Who are we?

IT services - the development of custom solutions

We are an IT outsourcing company that provides web design and development services, including mobile web development solutions and digital marketing (SEO | PPC | SMM | Targeting | Photos and Creatives)

We create web resources that are well designed, easy to use and meet the requirements of SEO promotion, developed using a reliable and user-friendly content management system (CMS) – WordPress. We do not work with purchased themes – we develop unique, tailor-made websites from scratch.

The combined expertise of our specialists in web design, web development, digital marketing and SEO allows us to adopt a holistic approach towards creating a quality website. Taking into account aspects such as market analysis, usability and the technical aspects of SEO in the early stages of development, we guarantee a well-designed, user-friendly and search engine optimised site the first time around.


What You Get

We are on the same page as you

Our vision: comprehensive services with a focus on the result for the client

Our services

Web Development

60% of all websites in the world are designed and maintained using WordPress. Therefore, our focus in web-development technologies is on: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. We don’t work with templates – we offer unique solutions using WordPress and new frameworks.

We develop corporate websites, online stores and integrate them with other resources. We monitor the PageSpeed indicator because we know that a green icon will accelerate the future promotion of a site.

We are successfully applying the latest solutions offered by Google, including recent advances in Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology and are always on top of the latest developments.

We know how to cater to your needs.

We specialise in developing:

  • Online Stores and Portals,
  • Corporate Sites,
  • ERP Systems,
  • Mobile Apps.
Zefirity розробка веб-сайтів
Zefirity team розробка веб сайтів

Web Design

We successfully combine creative solutions with a UX / UI approach and SEO promotion requirements. We know how to strike the right balance between usability, user appeal, a unique project style and efficiency in digital marketing.

We are on the same page as you

We specialise in web design and redesign of:

  • Corporate Sites,
  • Online Stores,
  • Landings.


Our focus is on a holistic digital marketing approach. We specialise in SEO – improving search engine visibility and search rankings for Google. Our additional services include: PPC (setting up and maintaining paid advertising campaigns on Google Ads), contextual targeting, SMM (Social Media Marketing – increasing brand awareness and distributing content through social media platforms). Our goal: to attract quality leads that businesses can quickly transform into customers.

We work side by side with business owners, sales managers and marketers. We carefully study niche markets and business competitors. We suggest and help to realise innovative new ideas that help businesses to find new growth points in attracting their target customers.

We will help you to make an unforgettable impression.

We specialise in promoting:

  • Online stores (WordPress, Horoscope, Opencart)
  • Corporate sites (WordPress, Tilda, Bitrix24 and others)
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