• Service: WordPress SEO
  • Target promotion region: USA (English)
  • Niche: IT sector (JAVA, QA, DevOps, AWS)
  • Team: SEO specialist
  • SEO Team Lead: Anna Boiko
  • Promotion period: 2 years (active project)
  • Tools: SEO Powersuite, Ahrefs, GSC, GTM, SE Ranking


To achieve target conversion rates for key services on the US market.
To develop a SEO-friendly site with a high PageSpeed ​​indicator and a good site structure.
To launch all SEO promotion and digital marketing processes.

To draw up a strategic promotion plan and conduct a comprehensive competitor analysis, with the aim of optimising commercial keywords for top priority services. To work on the development and optimisation of the services, case studies and technology pages as well as blog posts.


  • Digital marketing plan drawn up
  • Content plan created
  • External promotion strategy developed
  • Semantic core for the following pages collected:

Blog posts

A detailed niche analysis was carried out, keyword clusters were broken down by page type, on-page and off-page optimisation for high priority keywords was conducted.

  • Technical SEO:
    The PageSpeed ​​indicator was improved, basic technical optimisation carried out, gluing with 301 redirects performed, broken links were found and fixed etc.
  • On- page SEO:
    Internal cross-linking by anchor text, A / B testing of meta-tags carried out, 10x content created. Organisation of copywriters’ and technical specialists’ work in creating content, proofreading and optimisation for relevant keywords carried out.
  • Off-page SEO:
    Making use of numerous catalogues, content aggregators, news and review sites, an extensive backlink profile was built up. Anchor text sheet for each page of the site was drawn up. Analysis of the backlink profile for more than 20 competitors carried out. Low-quality backlinks removed.

Comprehensive monthly SEO task list:
Development of a strategy for expanding the semantic core, monthly content plan drawn up, external link building, working with catalogues, content aggregators and rating sites, helping to increase social media signals. Technical condition of the site monitored.


Comparison of organic traffic by time period:

September 13, 2020 – September 30, 2020 (orange) and October 1, 2020 – October 18, 2020 (blue)

1. Organic traffic / 2. Traffic Analysis by Source / 3. External links

In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, we still managed to generate organic leads and attract new customers from the US. This was achieved owing to a fruitful collaboration with the customer’s programmers and managers, who actively participated in the creation of the site’s content and provided the expertise necessary for the write up of the technical texts.

  • Over 80 commercial keywords ranked in the TOP 10 on the American market
  • A narrow remarketing list for high-value audiences was set up (with a cost per click of up to $1.5).

Traffic Analysis, by Source

  • Organic search: traffic from search engine results that is earned directly as a result of SEO.
  • Direct – traffic obtained via users directly entering your company URL into their browser.
  • Referral – traffic from sources other than Google’s search engine results (e.g. links from other websites).

Keyword statistics

We have optimised for over 500 English commercial keywords, in the course of a year.