• Service: Developing a custom corporate site from scratch
  • Target region of promotion: Ukraine
  • Niche: Utilities sector
  • Team: UI/UX designer, 2 Full-stack developers, manager
  • Development period: 2 months
  • Tools: WordPress, SQL, Google API, EasyWay Api


Develop the structure, design and the site itself in a short period of time for a utility company. The site should display the live location of vehicles.


1. Create a simple, clear and intuitive design
2. Live location tracker
3. Site development under a tight schedule


● Project description, outlining all the required webpages, written up
● Technical specifications drawn up and the required functionalities agreed
● Page layout designs for the entire site created
● Development process launched
● EasyWay API to enable route tracking set up
● Optimisation and configuration of security settings


Obtained a terse, economical site with all the required functionalities within a short timeframe. An example of a real-time vehicle tracking map:

Customer feedback

“We would like to thank you for the development of the LK ATP 1 site. You are very easy to work with! You are always patient and ready to get in touch, sometimes even outside of business hours. We highly recommend you to everyone. ”

Deputy Director for Economics and Finance.
Klimchuk Sergey Vladimirovich