• Service: Developing a corporate site based on a custom design
  • Target region of promotion: Ukraine
  • Niche: Education
  • Team: 1 Front-end developer, 1 Back-end developer, QA, manager
  • Development period: 6 months
  • Tools: WordPress, SQL, Google API, MoyKlass API, Liqpay API, Rest API


Develop a site with the desired web layout and all the necessary functionality. Roughly about 30 pages with a unique design were requested.


1. Dynamic content
2. Registration of new users on the course platform through the site
3. Payment gateway to allow payment for courses through the site
4. Multilingualism (Ukrainian, Russian)


  • Technical specifications drawn up and the required functionalities agreed
  • Development process launched
  • Google API, MoyKlass API and Liqpay API set up, in order to establish the fully-functional operation of the site as a school
  • Configuration of security settings


A site with all the required functionalities, a complex front and back-end was created.