• Service: Development of a fintech ERP system
  • Target region of promotion: Ukraine
  • Niche: FinTech
  • Team: FinTech consultant, Full-Stack developer, manager
  • Development period: 1 year
  • Tools: Node js, Angular, Telegram API, PostgreSQL, Google API, Google Data Studio


Development of a customised fintech ERP system with the admin component written in Angular and the client component (for employees) written using a chatbot in Telegram messenger.

Tasks to be solved:

  1. Currency (which was specifically  done to automate the business processes)
  2. Invoicing


  • Technical specifications drawn up and the required functionalities agreed
  • Prototyping of the conversational interface between the user (employees) and the chatbot performed
  • The system development process launched
  • Optimisation and configuration of security settings both on the admin side and on the client bot’s side


A fast and highly efficient ERP system, which facilitated the transformation, optimisation and informatisation processes of the business’ financial system. This simplified the management of already existing financial flows and helped to scale the client’s business.

Development Results

  • A fast and convenient admin panel for quick and simple business management, status changes and the creation of new business units.
  • Google API to enable reporting with Google Documents installed.
  • Google Data Studio used to generate additional statistics on the customer’s business units.
  • Telegram client chatbot was created to facilitate the work of the employees.
  • Configuration of security settings for both sides of the system.
  • Further support of the system.