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ключові показники ефективності в SEO

What are KPIs and what are their features? KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are certain indicators of results achievement. Using these metrics makes it possible to monitor, investigate and analyze the state in which, at the moment, the product is.

The main Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in SEO are:

  • the volume of organic traffic
  • visibility of the site on the semantic core
  • the number and cost of leads (conversions) from organic traffic
  • number of unique donor sites
  • number of external links
  • ROI
  • Organic Search Volume

Traffic value is one of the most important KPI metrics. There are many factors that affect this and the main one is seasonality. We can track it using Google Analytics and the Google Search Console.

  • Visibility of the site by the semantic core

Using this metric, we have the ability to estimate what proportion

TA (target audience) of the site sees it in the SERP. Services such as GSC, Ahrefs and others help us in the analysis of this metric.

  • Number and cost of leads (conversions) from organic traffic

Lead is a potential customer who left their contact details in order to buy a product or receive a service. Conversion actions include placing an order on the site through the “Cart” or online form, calling the company, contacting an online consultant or through the feedback form. Google Analytics and other systems (such as Hubspot, Bitrix, etc.) will help us monitor this indicator.

  • Total number of unique donor sites

This is one of the main metrics of KPI, which relates to external optimization. The number of donor sites – the total number of unique donors that link to the target domain or URL. With Ahrefs it is quite easy to analyze your site or the site of competitors.

  • Total number of external links

External links are those that redirect the user from one site to another. We can get the most out of working with links only with a comprehensive approach: increasing the weight of the pages with external links and distributing it to the pages of the site using internal ones. The Ahrefs service will also help us to track this figure.

  • ROI

Everything you spend money on should be profitable. In order to measure the return on investment, there is a special indicator ROI.

The formula is simple: (Gross Profit – Marketing Costs (SEO)) / Marketing Costs (SEO) * 100%

So, we come to the conclusion that the effectiveness of SEO on the site needs to be measured. It is important to monitor the promotion of the business/product/company on the Internet, and it is especially important to use several KPI metrics at once.

KPI allows the interpretation of the received result by both SEO experts, and clients clearly. Thanks to this, the customer and the contractor understand the importance of each stage of site promotion to generate revenue and return on advertising investment.

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Achieve high traffic, make the following decisions and draw global conclusions easily with key performance indicators.

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