Pricing factors in SEO

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Pricing factors in SEO:

Sphere (niche) of promotion and level of competition.

Depending on the type of business you need to apply different strategies and tactics in SEO promotion. After all, if we are talking about long-term business – here you need to attract white SEO promotion, work on quality content and reputation. If we are talking about short-term business (it is now in vogue but for a certain period) – here it is worth to think about the gray methods of optimization.

The more competition, the bigger the promotion budget will be needed to create an effective strategy for promoting and calculating budgets for SEO, it is necessary to analyze the niche and competitors.

One of the important ranking factors in SEO is the level and quality of the mass of external links.

If competitors have a lot of links (the number and quality of external sites that link to the desired web resource) is much higher than yours, to bring the site in the TOP 10 will be difficult, longer and expensive. But do not worry that the young site will not get into the TOP 10. Professionally provided SEO promotion services will help young sites to get into the TOP search engines. Just remember that it will take more time, because it is important to regularly work on creating and building a lot of links. We recommend allocating a separate monthly budget for external optimization, taking into account that it will grow.

Target promotion region and number of promotion languages.

The region of promotion has one of the key influences on the price of the service because it depends on the level of prices for posting materials on other sites and crowd marketing, the cost of writing content and requirements for SEO-specialist. It is worth noting that promotion in Ukraine will be much cheaper than promoting the same services or goods, for example, in America.

If your business aims to promote not one language, but several – this is taken into account in setting the price for the SEO promotion service. Each language requires an individual set of regular promotion actions. You can promote languages alternately or in parallel. Keep in mind that running two or more languages in parallel will cost more.

Promotion readiness

Before starting SEO work, be sure to check the site for suitability for promotion. There is performed the SEO audit, which assesses the technical condition of the site, download speed, presence or absence of broken links, quality of registered meta tags or their absence, optimization of landing pages for key queries, internal relinking, usability, functionality, etc. 

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Not all programmers have knowledge of SEO optimization, so you have to make many changes and improvements to the technical characteristics of the site to meet the requirements of search engines.

But the team of developers in the Zefirity company knows how to design a site with all the requirements in terms of SEO promotion.

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Volumes of work on SEO-promotion

Here it is necessary to understand that writing of content and administration of a site – is not working on SEO promotion. If you are running an online business, you need a team that should consist of a developer, web designer, copywriter, site administrator, internet marketer, SEO specialist and other necessary specialists. Of course, most tasks can be performed through outsourcing services. However, our advice is to involve a qualified person in writing content who has the appropriate education and experience in your field. After all, the speed of getting into the TOP directly depends on the examination of your content.

Accordingly, the amount of work to be promoted will depend on the number of pages being promoted, the number of languages and the level of competition. For each project, we develop an individual scope of work and estimates.

The recommended volume of SEO-works for online stores from 40 hours/month and for corporate sites – from 30 hours/month.

Cost of content and external links

An SEO specialist together with a marketer compiles a content plan. Regarding the amount of content and requirements for it, SEO specialists form a technical task for copywriters or managers. Formation of the technical task is included in the list of works on SEO and does not demand separate expenses. But writing content is another matter. Here you need to allocate a separate budget for copywriting.

Also, a separate budget should be allocated for the placement of links on other sites. The calculation is made by an SEO specialist, and the client’s task is to provide it in time and in the right amount.

Cost of SEO = Cost of work with SEO + budget for copyright + budget for placement of external links

… And here, depending on the needs of the sphere of business, this formula can be added.

Pricing models in SEO


There are many models in the pricing of SEO services. We will consider the 2 most common.

Fixed price for the service

A fixed price for a service is the purchase of a certain package of services, at the entrance of which you will have a list of tasks that can be performed within a fixed amount each month. This approach is suitable for small and medium-sized projects that already have certain results and their task is to maintain existing positions and raise key performance indicators in SEO (KPI).

Hourly pricing model

A more flexible pricing model that is suitable for any type of project. Before starting work, the entire list of tasks is calculated in hours and agreed upon with the client (or his trustee). The client decides how many hours of SEO specialists to buy. Everything is transparent and clear. The amount of work performed in hours (+ additional work, if necessary) is multiplied by the cost of one hour of work.

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