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Holistic Digital Marketing

Quality digital marketing services help to increase your customer base, grow your revenue and build brand awareness.

In the last 10 years, marketing has changed more than in the previous 100, bringing us out of the age of TV commercials and print advertising into the age of Internet, websites, online videos, social media networks and Google. Nowadays, consumers are connected to the World Wide Web 24/7.

Our team has experience in web design, web development and a variety of online marketing services to help businesses attract new customers in any industry.

Our Internet Marketing Services:

Аналіз ніші та конкурентів

Niche, Market and Competitor Research

We don’t just assess the number of your potential competitors online – we also conduct an in-depth SWOT analysis, which includes an external and internal analysis of your company.

Then we outline a list of recommendations, which will form the basis of the comprehensive digital marketing strategy that we draw up with you.

We particularly recommend this service to those who are at the stage of just introducing their business or service online (creating a web design and developing a website).

Послуги SEO аудиту - наша команда

SEO Audit

Our comprehensive SEO audit encompasses both the on-page and off-page ranking factors of your site as well technical elements and includes recommendations for debugging and promotion.

We analyse your website in fine detail and offer specific recommendations that will definitely increase your search engine visibility and help you to achieve target conversion rates once implemented.

послуги SEO

SEO Services

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” and in simple terms means the process of optimising the web pages of your site to improve its search engine visibility (eg, Google, Bing) and attract organic traffic. In addition to a growth in traffic, you can also expect to get an increase in brand awareness and generate a greater number of targeted leads.

Our approach to SEO involves primarily focusing on targeting keywords with strong commercial intent, working with buyer personas and the publication of quality content that will answer potential customers’ key queries. We also specialise in improving the usability and monitoring the health of your website as well as utilising off-site optimization as a tool to attract additional quality traffic from relevant thematic sources.

PPC послуги

Google Ads – Pay Per Click (PPC)

Whenever you search for something on the web, you can always see the paid ads at the top of your search results. SEO promotion takes time but paid traffic will allow you to increase conversions and gain customers a lot faster, which is why it is highly recommended to utilise paid traffic from Google Ads for growing your business (especially if you are just starting off).

From creating and customising text-based advertisements on Google Ads to dynamic remarketing, you can order the full set of PPC-services with us or each service separately: text- based advertising campaigns, media campaigns, marchan and remarketing / dynamic remarketing.

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