Analysis of niche

Analysis of niche and competitors by Zefirity company

The aim of analysis of niche and competitors is to answer the following questions:

What do competitors do? /  Which methods do they use? / What are their strengths and weaknesses? / What is the potential scope of the niche (in traffic)? / What budget do you need to get the result? / In what terms can you expect the result? / How can your project have better results?

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What analysis of niche and competitors consists of?

Analysis of niche and competitors – is a set of document files that contains the strategy, conclusions and recommendations for the client’s project, which are based on a detailed study of Internet marketing strategies of the leaders in the field under consideration. It consists of the following elements:

1. Semantic core (up to 10 directions)

We study how users search on the Internet for directions/services/product categories that are a priority for the client, collect statistics and cluster (divided into groups by page type).

2. Organic traffic forecast

Organic traffic forecast by clusters of keywords selected for analysis of categories/services to decide on the priority in the promotion.

3. Competitors analysis (up to 10)

Competitor analysis includes analysis of competitors in terms of SEO (basic indicators), content marketing analysis, analysis of traffic sources, SWOT analysis and recommendations.

4. SEO promotion strategy for 6-12 months

List of monthly works on SEO On-Page and their evaluation per hour. Options for allocating budgets for SEO Off-Page for 6 months. Processes of work with the client’s team (options of cooperation).

5. Formation of the site structure

After a detailed analysis of semantics and competitors, we will be able to reproduce the correct in terms of the SEO-optimization navigation structure of your site.

6. Recommendations

Recommendations include recommendations about types of website pages and their detailed distribution of information blocks that should be present from the SEO optimization perspective; recommendations for attracting traffic sources and more.

Our price:

The cost of analyzing niches and competitors directly depends on the amount of regions, promotion languages and amount of directions (categories/services) of the study.

  • The average price of analysis niche and competitors for online stores - 1200$
  • The average price of analysis niche and competitors for corporate sites - 900$

The main stages of niche analysis:

  • Receiving input information from the client: 1. Up to 10 priority areas (categories/services) for analysis. 2. Location of promotion. 3. Languages to be analyzed. 4. List of competitors (up to 10) – optional. We will select competitors from the SEO optimization perspective.
  • Collecting a semantic core for priority pages
  • We analyze the top sites by their SEO indicators, traffic sources and more.
  • Finding fast-growing sites for the last 12 months.
  • Detailed backlink analysis.
  • Structure analysis and internal optimization
  • Analysis of the products themselves for some points that could work in the plus for these projects.
  • SWOT – analysis. Analysis of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the project.
  • Form a detailed strategy for 6-12 months to achieve the KPI of the project.
  • Providing step-by-step recommendations for website development and web design to achieve the project aims in terms of SEO optimization.
  • Data structuring and design in the form of reports. Providing  access to files on Google Drive

See a niche comprehensively (traffic, competitors' strategies). Understand what works to achieve the result. To form an effective promotion strategy based on the data. This approach greatly increases the probability of achieving the result :)

The cost of niche analysis starts at $ 800 for one region.

From 2 to 4 working weeks.

Search results can vary greatly from country to country or city to city. This is often the case. Promotion in Australia is fundamentally different from England, despite one language.

Ahrefs / Similarweb / Screaming Frog / SEO PowerSuite and more