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Google’s contextual advertising services are one of the most popular in digital marketing today – as there is no business that would not benefit from additional channels of targeted traffic to their site. Google Adwords is one of the most powerful tools in this regard, as it allows you to target only those people that have already shown interest in your product/service or are located in an area near your business (with relevant pay-per-click ads).

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The Advantages of Google Adwords Campaigns

  • Immediate Launch

Once your ad settings are set up, the ads are displayed immediately after you top up your account. The minimal preparation required for launch can take less than 2 working days to complete.

  • Maximum Customer Reach

Thanks to its flexible settings, Google Ads can target users with contextualised ads in the form of banners or videos, both within its search and on partner sites such as Youtube, whenever the user’s needs meet our targeting settings.

  • Flexible budget

Contextual advertising on Google has no fixed price. You can start with spending around 100 UAH per day and gradually increase the budget, depending on your advertising niche and level of satisfaction with the results. How much you pay for contextual advertising will depend only on you and your capabilities.

  • Detailed Analytics

By running a Google Ads campaign, we are able to track the number of clicks and conversions as well as their cost, the number of sessions before an order is placed or a user’s exit page and more. Depending on the goals of your business, we are able to track both the number of phone calls and the number of orders made on your site.

  • Payment for Tangible Results

Owing to the detailed targeting algorithms, our Google Ads specialists can fine-tune the settings in such a way that relevant ads will be directed exclusively at your target audience. Moreover, you will be paying only for the total number of clicks to your site (PPC) but we will also be able to see the actual search queries entered by Google users.

  • Adaptability

Contextual advertising campaigns are easy to modify, adjust the scale of or turn off all together after launch, depending on the product range, change of location or domain of the site, seasonal variations etc. After an initial trial period and once the optimisation of your advertising account is complete, it is possible to manage your advertising campaigns yourself, with minimum time and effort.

Types of Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising can be divided into three broad categories, depending on the type of Display Network: text ads on the Google search network, graphic banner advertising on contextual media networks and video advertising. However, all this is too complicated for the average business owner to implement. Therefore, we offer the following types of contextual advertising services in Google separately:

  • Contextual advertising in Google search

Ads in search results in the form of text with a built-in link

  • Banner advertising

Graphic banners embedded on the pages of partner sites

  • Remarketing

Image ads that target users who have previously visited your site

  • YouTube video advertising

Promotional videos with or without the ability to skip

  • Product Shopping Ads

Ads in search results with product information such as  photo and price

  • Dynamic remarketing

Ads containing products and services that users  previously viewed on your site  but  did not purchase

Every contextual advertising campaign is a product of the right blend of marketing solutions, which is what guarantees the desired results!

Our customised contextual advertising services in Google Ads include:

  • Free evaluation of the effectiveness of existing ad campaigns, set up prior to working with our company.
  • Objective recommendations on how to improve the client’s site to maximise the number of conversions, based on our in-depth competitor research.
  • Keyword research, clustering and building a semantic core in the client’s niche. Further discussion with the client on the suitability of targeting particular keywords.
  • On-going site optimisation, testing of new creatives and general management of the client’s GoogleAds account.
  • A direct line of communication with our on-duty manager and GoogleAds specialist at any time. An immediate response to any customer enquiries.
  • Reports and consultations, according to the client’s selected tariff plan, addressing any points of concern they may have.

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