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Our team of SEO specialists will optimise your site, improve its design and content in order to attract more potential customers from search engines and grow your organic traffic.


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What do our SEO services include?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” and in simple terms means the process of optimising the web pages of your site to improve its search engine visibility (eg, Google, Bing) and attract organic traffic. In addition to a growth in traffic, you can also expect to promote brand awareness and generate a greater number of targeted leads, regardless of the size of your company. We take into account:

  • Profitability
    If search engine optimisation in your niche may be unprofitable and impractical, we will warn you about this when preparing a commercial offer.
  • Relevant queries
    We choose those search queries that will bring you the most customers. We will not spend your budget on non-targeted site visitors.
  • Commercial factors
    We improve the design and interface. This helps to increase the ranking of the site and increases conversion rates.
  • Technical requirements
    We check for errors and bugs that prevent traffic growth and impede the normal indexing of your site by search engine bots and we correct them.
  • A holistic approach
    As part of our approach to providing quality SEO services, we improve the site in such a way that it has a positive impact on all other sales channels. Our SEO specialists find new opportunities for project development in design, contextual advertising, social media and web analytics, working closely with the specialists in these areas.

Comprehensive SEO services from Zefirity result in:

  • Increased brand awareness online
  • Improved quality and quantity of traffic: attract a greater number of target customers and expand the regular audience of your site
  • A growth in the number of conversions, calls and sales.

We managed to transfer clients, with an average period of collaboration of over 3 years, from a state of temporary cooperation on the basis of “customer – independent contractor”, to working with us on a full-time basis as a company. Moreover, as a result of our combined efforts¸ we still managed to raise sales figures for our customers, in spite of the pandemic. We are proud of our customers’ successes and it is very rewarding for us to know that we have given 110% in helping them to become even better.

FAQs about SEO

Search engine optimisation is a comprehensive set of tasks that allows you to increase the number of visitors to your site (and thus potential customers) by increasing your site’s ranking in search engine results by targeting industry-specific keywords and queries.

This is a comprehensive set of processes and tasks - from performing a technical analysis and SEO audit of your site to its configuration for the development of new pages, posting of SEO articles, keyword clustering and the formation of the semantic core. A detailed list of proposed tasks is drawn up once an analysis of the site’s performance has been conducted.

The cost of our search engine optimisation services depends on: ● The scale of the project, ● The languages of promotion ● The number of site pages to be promoted, ● The competition, ● The overall volume of general works to be carried out We will provide you with the exact cost of SEO and site promotion after conducting the site audit. Based on the data collected, we will draw up a complete list of tasks and estimate the budget.

Search engine optimisation of a site is not only about gaining positions and improving your site’s ranking in SERPs but also about maintaining them. The period of time required for promotion not only depends on the optimisation work we carry out on your site, but also on the improvements made by your competitors to their sites. Therefore, you will only be able to learn the answer to this question after analysing the sites of your competitors ranking in the top 10 of the search engine results pages.

First of all, your personal SEO specialist will provide you with extensive monthly reports on any changes that have occurred on your site and in the search engine results pages. Secondly, you will be able to see the changes on your site for yourself: the generation of new articles, sections and improved functionality. Thirdly and most importantly, you will start experiencing the results of our work - you will be approached by a greater number of prospective new clients!