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WordPress Development Services

We create unique customised websites on WordPress, taking into account the requirements of SEO and UX design. Your site will be attracting new visitors and attaining top positions in search engine rankings, resulting in the monetisation of your online business.

Back-end: PHP

Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Website development services on CMS WordPress are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses aiming to launch a quality corporate website, online store, catalogue, etc. as soon as possible.


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Why choose Zefirity for your project

  • Dedicated Team 

We offer our comprehensive set of services and further ongoing support for each of the web development projects that we take on. However, there is also the option of ordering each of our services separately.

  • Results-Oriented Workflow 

We value your time – so we build our work processes around customer needs.

  • Reporting & Quality Assurance

Transparent reporting – an individualised report is prepared for each project.

  • Free Consulting 

If you are one of our clients that ordered our comprehensive set of services, we will be happy to provide you with free consultations in any areas of our expertise.

  • Flexibility and Scalability of the Team

Our team of dedicated developers, web designers and SEO specialists works relentlessly to deliver quality results for our clients’ businesses.  We have a flexible team approach and if necessary it is possible to scale the size of our team either up or down, depending on your specific business needs. We offer both the option of including additional specialists to work on your development project and selecting individual specialists to perform one-off tasks for your company.

How it works

  • Client Meeting
  • Development of a technical task
  • Coordination of the technical task with client
  • Drawing up of work plan
  • Coordination of the work plan with the client
  • Signing of the contract
  • Execution of work
  • Assessment of results and reporting
  • Support


No, our hourly rates start off at $25 per hour and to develop a site in 4 hrs is not very good practice. We are responsible for the quality of our services and thus do not create sites in 4 or even 10 hrs :)

It all depends on the development technology utilised, the number of unique pages, the complexity of the design and the desired functionality of the site. We suggest that you should be counting on a time of around 100 hours - then you can be certain you will obtain a quality result.

For online stores - calculations need to be carried out on a case by case basis. Pricing is influenced by: the type of development technologies utilised, operational logic of the web system, the number of uniquely designed pages (e.g. categories, subcategories, filters, product cards), integration of any additional services we provide.